Thursday, October 9, 2008

Phillipe's: A good time was had by all

I missed Philippe's Anniversary, but I can still buy this cool pin at their website,

Looks like Huell Howser was there as emcee, along with the USC marching band and about a million other people. The Los Angeles Times covered the party--actually, they covered the lines waiting to get into the party. People came from everywhere to celebrate and buy French dips for ten cents--their price 100 years ago. Remember when keyboards used to have cents-signs on them? That was about fifty years ago.

You want photos? We got photos. Here's a link to LAWeekly's 15-pic display (it's slooooow). The Times also has two online photo spread (and here) of the festivities, as well as a story about how the French dip was invented straight from Philippe Mathieu's grandson. And here's a piece from last April about Philippe's, but you can also find historic photos and tidbits on

So now the standard has been set. Do we have any other 100-year-old restaurants in this area? Any coming close? Musso and Franks--how old are they? 89. Well, the next party has been given a template. This is how you celebrate.

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