Friday, October 17, 2008

Cemetery Celebrations

Los Angeles has a Halloween blog! It's called Creepy, and it's a veritable gusher of information. From it I learn that:
  1. Hollywood Forever Cemetery conducts tours on Saturdays and Sundays, for $12. Go see the graves of stars like Jayne Mansfield and Peter Lorre and Valentino with lots of history tidbits. The tours are at 3:30 on Oct 18 and 19, noon on Oct. 25, Nov. 2, and most Saturdays through mid-December. Creepy reviews the tour here.
  2. Hollywood Forever also hosts Dia de los Muertes on November 1, from 4 pm to midnight. $5 gets you in.
  3. Regional rehearsals (in the South Bay, West Hollywood, UCLA, SM--see the schedule) to recreate Michael Jackson's Thriller dance are ongoing. The dance itself will be performed at Hollywood and Highland on Oct. 25.
  4. October 18 all night horror movies at the New Beverly Cinema.

Here's an item not from Creepy: the 13th Annual Long Beach Cemetery Tour takes place Oct. 25th. Show up between 9 and noon at Sunnyside Cemetery on Willow with $18 of disposable income (unless you're a student or a member of the LB Historical Society--you get special rates.)

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