Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wrigley Field Correction

Oy! I was way off on the location of Wrigley Field in the previous post.

It was not at Wilshire and Western but at 42nd Place and Avalon.

The mistaken info came from a picture of the Wilshire and Western intersection in the old days, with an arrow indicating that Wrigley Field was just out of sight. Wrong.

Sports Hollywood devotes a big page to Wrigley, from its construction by the chewing-gum millionaire who modeled it after Chicago's Wrigley Field, its opening in 1925, and the teams that played there. Wrigley owned the Los Angeles Angels, the main tenant, but the Hollywood Stars also used the park--kind of like the Lakers and Clippers at Staples.

Sports Hollywood also features a list of the movies filmed there (like Pride of the Yankees and Damn Yankees), old pictures, and tons o' history about the Pacific League and the players--which, according to the site, included Chuck Connors and Tommy Lasorda. There are links to other Pacific League sites too.

The last pro baseball game was played at Wrigley in 1961, when the ballpark was home to a new, expansion league Angels team--the same Angels now in Anaheim.

Wrigley Field was torn down in the mid-1960s, and Gilbert Lindsay Park stands there now.

The Angels' promotional logo copy is from Wikipedia which insists I include their free-use guidelines.

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