Friday, July 25, 2008

Lautner Exhibit at Hammer

The Hammer Museum at Wilshire and Westwood showcases John Lautner's work through October 12, with photos, films, sketches and large models. After that, the exhibit--titled "Between Heaven and Earth: The Architecture of John Lautner"--will go on tour. Through October, though, Los Angeles visitors can enjoy what other cities won't see: weekend trips to Lautner homes in Los Angeles.

This picture and others are on the Hammer website. This is the Walstrom Residence in LA. (photo by Joshua White) Douglas Walstrom was an aerospace engineer working for NASA--I didn't know that! His wife, Octavia (also former NASA) still lives in the 1400 sq ft house, surrounded by nature in Beverly Glen.

The John Lautner Foundation Website maintains this list of projects that the man hisself oversaw.

I consider Lautner the father of Googie, but according to this article in the Los Angeles Times, he probably wouldn't appreciate that title. The Times is the source of the anecdote about the Walstrom home and has lots of biographical information on Lautner as well.

In an accompanying piece, the Times has designated the firm of Escher - GuneWardena as the heir of Lautner, and shows how they restored the Chemosphere House.

The museum is closed Monday, opens at 11 am all other days, but closes as early as 5 on Sunday.

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