Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tony's on the Pier

The Redondo Beach pier has been home to Tony's Fish Market since 1969.

Tony's Fish Market was the 2nd restaurant started by Tony Trutanich. The first was Tony's on the Pier, which began in 1952 and is still there. But Tony's Fish Market--New Tony's--will close at the end of the month and re-open as a different eatery, with new owners. Turtanich's family will keep Tony's on the Pier.

Less than two months ago, on April 12, the Daily Breeze reported on the unveiling of a bronze bust of Tony Trutanich, who died in 2007. This picture is from that story. I used to see him when I worked on the pier a Long Time Ago--it's a very good likeness.

Here's my Tony story. When I was high school age, I worked in one of his restaurants. One afternoon, he had me help him change the grease in a deep fat fryer. I knew no more about that then I did about particle physics, so I just followed his instructions.

At the end, he lifted the new grease and poured it into the fryer. But the opening at the bottom of the tank had not been closed, so the new grease poured through and went all over the kitchen floor!

It was a mess, and we were both hopping around so's not to get it on our shoes. Tony was cussing a blue streak. I must have looked terrified because in the middle of the chaos he said, "My mistake! You did exactly what I told you. Don't worry, it's all my fault!"

He was a very type-A person and I'd never want to cross him. But he was also a good, fair, hard-working man.

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