Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Miracle Mile (1988) Relook

Remember Miracle Mile, with Anthony Edwards in the cool blue suit? After 20 years, it's still cool in a nostalgic sort of way. The movie wears well too.

In the first 10 minutes, we see the Page Museum and La Brea Tar Pits--the building, murals, fossil lab, statues--the Marie Callendars next door (in the movie, it's got a lobster tank), the Santa Monica Pier and carousel, the Pan Pacific Auditorium, the May Co. building (LACMA East), Park La Brea, and finally to Johnie's Coffee Shop, which we enter just as a man is saying "This used to be Romeo's."

And then Tasha Yar beams in!

The whole movie is shot around Wilshire and Fairfax; it's wonderful and unexpected and apocalyptic. Well, I liked it.

It's Los Angeles history, circa 1988. That's the best I can do today because the dog ate my Proquest files.

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