Thursday, March 27, 2008

Radio History

Is the old KFWB studio on Yucca a public nuisance, and will it be demolished next week?

The Los Angeles Times posed these questions in a story March 25, 2008. As the text reads:

"Over the years, 68 radio stations and virtually every Los Angeles TV station were based there." KLTA (channel 5) and KCET (channel 28) still broadcast from there, but the building will face the wrecking ball (or demolitions experts, or other devices of destruction) if it's not rehabilitated by April 3.

This picture, shamelessly copied from, shows the dismantled KFWB sign that until 1976 stood at KFWB's studio on Hollywood Blvd, and was then moved to the Yucca Street building, and later (at least as of 2006) lay discarded behind the new facility.

Along with this story, the Times listed "Radio Landmarks" in a sidebar, telling us what happened to each:

  • Columbia Square on Sunset Blvd: CBS moved from there last year, after 69 years. Developers may turn the building into condos. This 2004 blog entry from is full of pictures and history relating to that site.

  • West Coast Radio City at Sunset in Vine, home to NBC for years, was torn down in the 60s and is now a bank building.

  • Metromedia Square--Channel 11's home on Sunset and Van Ness--is now an LAUSD site. The building with the ladder-y logo was demolished in 2003--Variety covered the story.

  • Vine Street Studios, home of ABC, was abandoned, but preservationists managed to save the facade of the building. It's now part of a retail center. Here's a blurb from Hollywood Heritage.

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Scott said...

Just by way of clarification - the old KFWB sign was taken to the transmitter site, not left behind the Yucca St. building.

Glad you liked the picture, though!