Saturday, March 29, 2008

Park La Brea Anniversary

On March 30, 1948, the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company announced the development of "ParkLaBrea" (all one word) a collection of 18 buildings, each 13 stories high, on Fairfax between 3rd and 6th.

Two hundred 2-and 3-bedroom apartments would be built, starting in 60 days, with parks and green spaces. Nearly 3000 families would be housed there eventually, it was said. Construction had actually been started in 1941, but wartime needs interrupted the project.

NO mention in that 1948 Times article about the Masonic symbolism of the layout of Park La Brea, but Wikipedia's on top of that. This undated picture is from the Los Angeles Public Library's Herald Examiner Collection, and shows the site on November 8, 1951, still under construction.

Wasn't this where chunks of Miracle Mile (1988) were filmed? Great movie. . . in fact, time to see it again. I'm going to Netflix now.

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