Monday, March 21, 2016

Shoe Mosaics at Beverly and Vermont Metro Station

"I see the power of movement through shoes - shoes of all colors, all sizes, all styles, all shapes and all moving. Shoes then become the transient tool moving the human spirit from place to place and in all directions. Without the energy of people in motion, there would be no need for other types of motion."

This is how Tyree Guyton describes the mosaic he created in 2010 for the Red Line Metro station at Vermont and Beverly. it's two feet tall, and wraps around the wall for 115 feet. It's created of smalti and cake glass and was fabricated at  the Miotto Mosaic Art Studio in Carmel, NY.

Guyton is an international artist with exhibits all over the world, but mostly he works in Detroit's East Side, and his Heidelberg Project is his most famous work, I think. It's an entire neighborhood, transformed into an indoor/outdoor gallery. According to his own website, he wants to turn the "two-block area into a state-of-the-art Cultural Village." 

Shoes are a continuing theme in Guyton's artwork. Below is a picture of a 2011 art installation in Detroit, I think part of the Heidelberg Project, from a blog titled "Adventures and Resources." I found this insight there There were quite a few shoes about.  In his work, the shoes are usually connected with the homeless people.  Respect and appreciate the “unwanted ones.”

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