Monday, February 8, 2016

Next Installment of the Julie Bender Mosaic Tour of San Pedro!

Today's mosaic is also outside a Rainbow Services building, but this one is a block south and a couple blocks east of the previous posted site, in a residential area. You'll see the green mermaid again, but now she has an entire family with her, spread out over four panels.

Rainbow Services is an agency that deals with domestic violence, part of a network of organizations that find help for women and children, and tries to break the cycle of violence. They run emergency shelters and 24-hour hotlines for assistance, among other things. The 7th Street storefront whose mosaic I profiled last week is their administrative office.

This building, on 8th Street, houses their legal services, training and education rooms, and more. I learn from their newsletter that the Harbor Community Benefit Foundation is thanked for the mosaic--I'm guessing they donated money for materials, maybe lots of help. The building had been empty for 20 year before Rainbow Services moved in, so it probably needed lots of work. And Harbor Community Benefit Foundation lists "Beautification" among its five goals (along with education & training, employment, safety, and/or community initiatives.)

That's all I'm going to say. I will just put my photos of the four panels up now for your enjoyment.

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