Sunday, May 4, 2014

Architects at Home Tour

The pictures at right are of Bunch Design's Elysian Cottage, a small house in Solano Canyon that doesn't attract much attention from the outside. It's a 105-year-old cabin, basically. But inside, it's been redone to incredibly lovely--"contemporary, but also warm and intimate," as the blurb at de LaB says.

The ceiling is Douglas Fir and makes "the house feel bigger as well as cozy". And I would add compact, efficient, and full of views that bring nature right in to you.

You can see Elysian Cottage and several other homes designed by the architects who live there this Saturday, May 10. The tour is $45, and you can get tickets here.

The tour lasts from noon to 4 p.m. and you'll drive yourself to the different locations. Not all are wheelchair-accessible, and no children allowed.

Other homes on the tour are the Paige Residence by Tom Marble, the Murnane Project in the Moreno Hills of Silver Lake, and Buzz Court, also in Silverlake. But while the others are single homes in various styles, Buzz Court is six homes on a small lot with a snaky driveway that has views of the Observatory and more. Two of the units are occupied by the designers and will be open on the tour.

de Lab stands for Design East of LaBrea: a nonprofit that celebrates and supports local creatives in their efforts to improve and engage the city (borrowing loosely from their blurb).

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