Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Week Mosaic Monday

Went looking for a Christmas-themed mosaic for this week--and found this lovely book of mosaics designed to celebrate the poem, "The Night Before Christmas."

The mosaics are by artist Christine Brallier, and the book can be bought here at Brownian Bee Press for the exceptionally low price (imho) of $16.99.

Holy cow. I know what it costs to produce a full color book (albeit mine is about 8 times bigger, at 250 pgs).  This is a bargain. 15 glass tile mosaics are photographed in the book--here's a shot below of the mosaic itself, not just the cropped version on the cover.

Technically I believe Brallier is in the Santa Barbara area, out of LA County. But she was raised in Los Angeles and went to school here.

 She's done an installation of mosaic panels titled "The Joy of Life" at Rhoads Park in Santa Barbara, and has designed public art at locations in Texas and Kentucky, and even a Steve Irwin tribute mosaic in Australia. You can see pictures of all those at her website.

So enjoy . . . and Happy Christmas.


Christine Brallier said...

Hi Vickey, While doing an online search, what a nice surprise to find your post of my book! Thank you so much for sharing it. Yes, I was born and grew up in L.A. and moved to the Santa Barbara area when I was 21. I went to John Marshall High and Griffith Park was my favorite place to hang out. I sure do miss it! :) Thanks again for sharing, and happy holidays, Christine Brallier

Vickey Kall said...

My pleasure--your book is perfect for the Christmas season. Thank you!