Monday, September 23, 2013

Picnic in '59, Christmas '55

It's Monday at 4:30 pm and I am just now getting through three days of emails, each with attendant tasks . . . so in lieu of shortchanging a post on mosaics, how about a couple of  feel-good photos?  One under the pepper trees (I think) and one of a pink Christmas tree?

Picnic first, courtesy of This picture is of a 1959 picnic on the grounds of the Mission San Fernando. Kodachrome gives us those nice, bright colors . . . who remembers Langendorf bread? "Grow grow grow with Lang Lang Langendor bread!:

Second, this photo has come up on a couple of my Google searches for my Baby Boomer Christmas book (out November 1!) Nothing says Christmas like a pink flocked tree, right?

 I didn't use this picture in the book because I wasn't sure who owned it, and now see that it's labeled as belonging to Charles Phoenix, who will be giving colorful and funny talks on mid-century kitsch in LA's Chinatown & in Claremont and Pasadena over the next few weeks:

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure it's just me, but I can't see an old-timey picnic without thinking about the Draper's picnic: