Friday, December 21, 2012

Marx Brothers Screening

No better way to ring out 2012.

Culver City will present a FREE showing of Night at the Opera, staring Harpo and those other guys, on December 29th at 3 pm.

Where? The Veterans Memorial Auditorium at the SW corner of Culver and Overland.

Why? Because it's Culver City's 95th anniversary, and because the 1935 film was made at the MGM lot in Culver City. Or maybe it's just because Culver City is feeling whimsical. Who cares?

You don't need reservations.

There's plenty of free parking.

Why did one of my writing clubs decide to hold their Christmas party that afternoon?

Hmmm . . . Marx Brothers on the big screen v. people I see every month anyway . . .

There's also something going on with the Culver City Historical Society and their archives, between 1 and 3pm . That group's Archive Resource Center is located in the rear of the Veterans Memorial Building, and admission is also free.You'll be able to see a dress from Meet Me in St. Louis (also shot in Culver City) and other film and civic memorabilia.

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