Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Plum Catsup and Other 19th Century Recipes

Just stumbled across the website and blog for Vintage California Cuisine, a cookbook with recipes from the early days, pre- and post-statehood. How did I miss this before? But now, in time for Christmas gifting is the Amazon page for Vintage California Cuisine: 300 Recipes From the First Cookbooks Published in the Golden Stateby Mark Thompson.

The blog link above takes you to a post about catsup. The book has several recipes, and not all are made with tomatoes. In fact, the one on this blog post was made with plums bought fresh at the Santa Monica Farmers Market.

Please go and enjoy the blog (here's the link again) or better yet, buy the book for someone who will appreciate it (you, perhaps?). After all, these are not recipes that are likely to show up on the Food Network or Epicurious.

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