Monday, August 20, 2012

Anti Piracy Mosaics

Recognize Jim Morrison? How about MJ, below?

These mosaic pictures--made of cds--come from Flavorwire, along with the story. They're not on display in Los Angeles, but since they deal with singers who lived in our area, I figured this would be an interesting post.

Mirco Pagano and Moreno De Turco are the artists who created these images, using the artist's own cds as the medium. The one at left is titled "This is the end."

The article by Heba Hasan states that,

"the project is more than just a tribute to the stars. It’s part of Piracy, a campaign against illegal file sharing by the advertising agency TBWA based on the idea that these deceased musicians were cheated out of their success and ultimately brought down by music piracy."

Heavy stuff.  The picture at right is titled "The way you make me feel."
The Piracy site features a video which uses stop-action to manipulate the cds of another image of Michael Jackson screaming and being buried in cds.

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