Monday, July 30, 2012

Death Speaker is available!

I'm going to let Mosaic Monday take a bye this week in favor of a huge announcement:

My new historical novel, Death Speaker, is published and for sale!
It has nothing to do with Los Angeles history.

Nope. It's set in Ancient Gaul, which today is France, Belgium and Switzerland. The action takes place over 2,000 years ago, when Julius Caesar began his Conquest of Gaul--a phrase that is also the English title of Caesar's writings. In fact, first-year Latin students throughout history have been forced to read that book.

My story is told from the point of view of the people Caesar conquered. The Gauls were Celts. Here's a teaser:

Emyn, a Celtic peasant, hears the dead and lets them plunge her into visions. Using her voice, ghosts advise druids and kings, warning them of danger from Caesar and his Roman troops. But can the spirits be trusted any more than the living? Emyn suffers loss, kidnapping and betrayal. Ultimately, she must rely on her own stubborn courage to face her destiny.

You can read the first five chapters at the book's website.

And, of course you can buy the book.

For ebooks--iPad, Nook, Kindle, pdf, etc.--just follow this link to, where you can download Death Speaker.  Here's a 10% off coupon to thank you for your support: WA75V.

If you'd like a printed book, you can purchase it at CreateSpace  (the link takes you right to it) for $16.00.

If you'd like me to send you a signed book, I'd love that! Just email me, either by leaving a comment on this blog, or by going through the book's website ( I'll ask $3.00 more to cover shipping, so the price will be $19.00.

So enjoy! Even if you don't read historical fiction--with elements of magical realism and romance--chances are you know someone who does, so please tell them about Death Speaker!

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