Thursday, April 19, 2012

LA's Library Is One of Top 25 Worldwide

Flavorwire/Flavorpill has included Los Angeles' main library in its list of the 25 most beautiful public libraries worldwide. And a picture from that post was just too beautiful not to repost here.

LAObserved mentioned this; elsewise I would not know. Flavorwire is a new site to me. But just browsing through I'm finding great stuff. In the Books section is an essay on fan fiction, with a picture of Geroge R. R. Martin. (I just finished A Dance with Dragons: A Song of Ice and Fire: Book Five which has the Best Cliffhanger Ending I think I've ever read...although that's actually bad because the next book won't be out for a year or three).

Back to the library list. All are gorgeous. Of particular interest as I scroll through is the Stuttgart City Library, stark white, where I suspect a strict dress code is in place to maintain the ambiance. My personal hell would be to find myself a janitor is such a facility. Then there's the egg chairs at Amsterdam (chair designs at Vennesla, Norway--the first library on the list--are also interesting) and the outside appearance of Belarus' National Library. Enlarge it a bit and you have the perfect venue for the next Quidditch World Cup.

Most but not all of the libraries on the list are ultra modern. The Old Market Library in Bangkok looks like the coolest kickback study hall ever, but not like a library.

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