Monday, February 20, 2012

Sea Dream in Compton

Today's mosaic is at the Mona Park Swimming Pool in Compton. Just because it's cold and summer swimming pools with the sun glittering on the water and baking on my skin sounds so nice.

Dakota Warren, a local sculptor and mosaic artist, created and installed this work in 2008. It stands 8 feet tall and 120 feet wide, and the artist says it is " Multimedia, Decorative concrete, mosaic, stained glass, brushed aluminum."

The waves are painted on a color stained concrete top coat. The flying fish (below) and dolphins are crafted of powder-coated aluminum and are mounted on the surface. Between the bricks are ceramic tiles and mirrored glass.

You can see more of Dakota Warren's work at his website. He's done another swimming pool mosaic in Mesquite, Texas, one on the Human Services building of Irving, Texas, steel mosaics in Merced, and even one in New York.

The Los Angeles County Arts Commission asked for the work, which is at 2291 E. 121st Street in Compton, pretty much between Mona and Willowbrook.

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