Thursday, January 26, 2012

Re-imagined Movie Posters

Peter Stults and Sean Hartter designed these movie posters, which are showing up on a lot of ad blogs. Mediabistro pointed me toward one, but you can google the artists' names and find many more. Here, I reproduce only those that celebrate movies with a Los Angeles setting--like Pulp Fiction.

Pulp Fiction used the old Hawthorne Grill for its beginning and ending scenes. That place is long gone, demolished, even--but the movie's success prompted someone to reopen it briefly and run it as a coffee shop once more.

Wonder what role Stults and Hartter had in mind for Yul Brynner?

Now how about The Big Lebowski? I understand the bowling alley is history, but the scene where the Nihilists order pigs in a blanket was filmed at Dinah's in Culver City.

Andy Warhol as Mr. that's a funny thought.

They also re-imagine The Hangover starring the Rat Pack, Avatar with William Shatner and Natalie Wood in blueface--and Yul Brynner again, probably taking over Wes Studi's role. And John Wayne, of course, leading earth's troops.

Here's another--can you see Leonard Nimoy reinvented as an action here? Me neither. Or Spock saying "Yippee Yih Oh, mf?"

More realistic to picture Nimoy playing Alan Rickman's character, but that probably wouldn't have make a good poster.

Die Hard was filmed in a West Los Angeles Tower... I forget which one.

What else do they have? Inception with Judy Garland as the Architect and Bela Lugosi as Mr. Saito. That poster is beautiful.

How about John Wayne as Superman?  X-Men, Star Wars, and Sidney Poitier and Pam Grier in The Matrix.

You can see more posters and read about the artists at the This is Not Advertising blog,  AdWeek, and even the Daily Mail/UK--where the original movie posters are also displayed.

Just one more...there are posters for Terminator and Terminator II: Judgement Day. Both had scenes shot in Los Angeles, like that great chase through the concrete LA river. I chose the latter because...because Danny Bonadeuce as John Conner is about as good as it gets in Bizarro World.

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