Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hippo Birdies, Los Angeles

A day early...

Our fair city turns 230 years old on September 4th. A mere tween, as city ages go.

To celebrate LA's birthday, the Los Angeles Heritage Association has  a direct link to the LA Heritage Association's list of Heritage Organizations: historical societies from all the different communities that make up Los Angeles County, museums, archives, re-enactors, enthusiasts, and special interest groups, running the gamut from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to Workman and Temple Family Homestead Museum, and everything in between.

Or you can go straight to ExperienceLA's list of events, searchable by type like "educational" (phooey!) and "festive celebrations" (that's the closest they get to "party"), or by location or special criteria (like "free"). Remember the days when there was nothing to do? (I think that's now called adolescence).  Now there's a veritable surfeit of activities. I need a nap just thinking about them.

The picture above is a genuine Robert Spence Aerial Photograph of the Wilshire LaBrea area in 1929, from the LA Library collection. 82 years ago, so the city was 149 then. The caption reads:

Aerial view of the Wilshire, La Brea district, looking north. Undeveloped land, middle right side of photo is the Arroyo del Jardin de los Flores, The Stream of the Garden of Flowers. The stream flowed from the location of today's Wilshire Country Club through Hancock Park, joining another creek that eventually drained to Ballona Creek near La Brea and St. Elmo Drive. The majority of this creek was piped and filled; a portion of it remains above ground at the Wilshire County Club, and a creek running through Brookside Estates also shares this name. Third square on right bottom (dark looking ravine), possibly the continuation of Arroyo del Jardin de los Flores. Photo dated: June 21, 1929.

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Anonymous said...

The hidden river/brook runs underground North of Wilshire but one block south of Wilshire the river mysteriously reappears and is fenced.