Monday, December 27, 2010

A Mosaic from Burbank

I neglect the north shamefully, mainly because I never get up there. But what does that matter, with pictures all over the internet?

Today's mosaic was installed in Burbank in 1995. The artist is Marie Moseley and the title of the work is "Something BIG, Like Unity."

It's mounted on the SMC Properties Building at 3800 W. Vanowen--very near the airport and across the street from the Bob Hope Metrolink station.

Made of granite, it emulates a roll of film unwinding. The length of the mosaic is forty feet, but the size of the white wall it ornaments dwarfs the work. The wall must stretch over 200 feet in length. The building houses a couple of high tech graphic arts firms...wonder if they are planning to do anything more to frame the mosaic or show it off...?

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