Monday, November 29, 2010

Mosaic Monday--Dapplegray School

Finding schools in Palos Verdes is no easy task. Private or public, they are hidden away on winding roads, in dips and valleys, shrouded by rows of pepper or eucalyptus trees or ridges of high ground. Some, I am convinced, are accessible only on horseback.

Dapplegray Elementary does have one nice, ceramic tile sign overlooking PV Drive North, but otherwise...good luck. The school--and this mosaic--face away from street traffic, overlooking more rustic vistas. Quite nice, actually. With such lovely and well-tended public schools, one wonders why private academys do so well in the area...

This mosaic looks rather new, but I was not able to learn anything about it (when it was installed, who the artists were) from local newspapers. So...just another lovely example of how mosaics turn up in surprising places, ready to delight us.

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