Friday, October 1, 2010

Wayne Long, Artist

The animals on the exterior wall of the Millard Sheets Center for Fine Arts were done by artist Wayne Long. If I'd blown up my own pictures and examined them verrrry carefully, I would have found a "W. Long" signature on the top right corner of the branch that the monkey is holding.

My thanks to Christy, a former curator of the Center, for the information. She pointed out the signature on the tile, and sent me this page from the 1956-57 Catalogue of the Los Angeles County Art Institute (now the Otis Art Institute), which has been the only place we've found that actually credits Mr. Long for his work.


Anonymous said...

have you found any other information on Wayne Long?

Vix said...

No, not beyond what was shared here. To be honest, I have not looked further. I did try to find him by internet searches and ProQuest LA-Times searches though. Not much luck.