Monday, August 23, 2010

Mosaic Monday, Special Edition

Cue deep-voiced announcer:

And now, a very special Mosaic Monday....

The September issue of Westways Magazine is out and it features an article and photo spread titled "Saving the Art of Home Savings" by none-other-than moi. Here's a link. You might be asked for a zip code, but the page should come right up.

Adam Arenson, who blogs about Home Savings and Loans, had given me a great quote. Unfortunately, the quote and a bit more info were cut from the final description of the Beverly Hills Home S&L. So I'll  print that here, along with my own pictures of the bank:

“California history as Sheets envisioned it, written not in textbooks or inside museums but in iconic public art, on bank buildings,” says Adam Arenson, professor of History at the University of Texas, El Paso. “We need to act now to prevent this artwork from falling victim to the havoc that time and corporate reorganizations has caused.”

Indeed. The Beverly Hills Chase Bank is safe, but accidents happen. When Chase took over Washington Mutual in 2008, they did not know that an artistic legacy was included in the deal. Quickly enough, they found out. A Chase Bank in San Francisco painted over a Sheets mural, igniting a firestorm among preservationists. Thanks to a combination of public outcry, the California Art Preservation Act, and Chase’s growing appreciation for their inheritance, that mistake won’t happen again.

You'll have to go online to get the rest of the information, which is absolutely fascinating. Trust me.


ALI 07/08 said...

The American Museum of Ceramic Art, Pomona, will soon locate to its new home, the former Pomona First Federal Bank on Garey Ave, where there is a 77'x7' painted mural by Millard Sheets. It will be preserved.

Vix said...

That is great news! I talked at length to Ms. Galavan of the Pomona Historical Society a couple of months ago, and learned about that former bank--that it sat empty, that all were concerned that the art would be lost. I'm sure all of Pomona is thrilled to have you there.