Friday, July 23, 2010

Los Angeles Daily...well, Occasional Photo

Definitely not going "Daily Photo," though I love those sites: Paris Daily Photo, Daily Photo L.A., etc. I'm waaaay too lazy to commit to posting every day. (Sometimes, I'm even too busy, which is a very nice feeling too.)

But on yesterday's long summer evening, ye olde Schwab's sign on Vine near Sunset just presented such a lovely opportunity.

What does the sign stand on? A building I would call streamline moderne--but what's in said building? Lofts? At street leve, there's a Linens and Things store... but I think the Schwab's sign is on top of a restaurnt. Not Cafe Was--that is the place with the red umbrellas.

Shoulda paid more attention, but my focus (as usual) rested on food and the great meal I was about to have. Cafe Was, btw, presents some very exciting cocktails.

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