Monday, March 15, 2010

Star of the Sea

It's Mosaic Monday and I've moved to San Pedro, so in tribute to my new home town (which is technically Los Angeles), here is the mosaic of Mary, Star of the Sea, which looks out from the the Catholic church of the same name, built in 1958.

And from the Parish Website here is a photo (below) of that church just after completion. Wonder when the mosaic was added? 

Ah ha! A church history, also on the website. Mary Star of the Sea was founded in 1889, and the current church is actually the third building....but no word about the mosaic.

There is also an illuminated (at night) bronze statue of Mary set on top of the bell tower, with her arms stretched out toward the docks and sea. It's very beautiful too, but this is Mosaic Monday, not Bronze Bmonday, so for once the mosaic gets the attention!

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