Sunday, January 10, 2010

Follow-up to Chase's Attempt to Paint Over a Millard Sheets Mural in Pasadena

My last mosaic post referred to a foiled attempt to paint over a Millard Sheets mural in a Pasadena Chase Bank. I've since found a month-old story in the Pasadena Star News warning that the mural was in danger, and that a new home for it was being sought. Seems Chase Bank wanted to remodel the lobby to "make it consistent with its other branches."
This is the mural, 50 feet high on fifteen walnut panels, taken by the Star News' photographer, Keith Birmingham. I hope they don't mind that I display it here.

Look at that and tell me--

Are the Chase Nabobs Nucking Futs? Would the Louvre trash the Mona Lisa to make that room consistent with other rooms? Chase has a work of art in their lobby and they'd just as soon dump it to make their impersonal branches all look the same? I don't know whether to move my account or vomit. Maybe I'll do both.

Chase Bank, get a clue! You are the custodians of public art! You are answerable for how that art is treated. Don't act like ignorant vandals sacking an abandoned town! If none of your execs know how to appreciate art (although I doubt that is true) the least they can do is exercise a sense of responsibility!

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