Saturday, July 25, 2009

Our Delis Rock!

According to the Jewish Journal, who quotes a soon-to-be-released (well, October) book by David Sax (of Brooklyn!), LOS ANGELES HAS THE BEST JEWISH DELIS IN AMERICA! Yeah!

As the JJ notes, Pulitzer-prize-winning food critic Jonathan Gold proclaimed the superiority of L.A.'s delis way back in 2002, qualified with a "I think." But what Gold thinks, therefore exists in truth.

Back to David Sax. In his upcoming book, Save the Deli, he claims delis in NY have become touristy, and he thinks that delis in most cities are in decline. Not so in L.A., though, where he mentions Nate 'n Al's, Art's, Canter's, Greenblatt's, Junior's, etc. as bigger, more comfortable, and "ultimately serv[ing] better food than any other city in America." Woo-hoo!

The Jewish Journal has a five-minute-plus video titled "A Day at Canters" if you're interested. Canter's has been in L.A. since 1931, and at its present locale since 1953.

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