Monday, June 22, 2009

Bob's Big Boy, aka Johnie's Broiler, Opening August 09

It's official! The Johnie's Broiler in Downey is set to re-open as a Bob's Big Boy this August!

This rendering is copied from Curbed LA, which copied it from something else. The picture is also hanging at the entrance of Bob's in Torrance--the new owner of the restaurant.

Johnie's, with its classic Googie sign, was illegally demolished by a tenant (a used car dealership, of all things incongruous) back in January 2007. Parts were salvageable, and if you go to Roadside Peek's page, you can see how reconstruction is proceeding apace.

Read more about Johnie's history (and see pictures) at the National Trust for History Preservation, the Los Angeles Times, or my own post--all from spring of 2008. The two restaurants themselves, true to their 1950s themes, do not have webpages. I tried the phone, but could not get the exact date of the re-opening--just August, 2009.


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