Saturday, April 4, 2009

New History Blog for South Bay

The Daily Breeze has started a history blog that uses the newspapers' archives (which ARE NOT online, or even available through the libraries...grrr). Sam Gnerre of the Breeze maintains the blog and posts tidbits in the newspaper, especially on Thursdays.

Here's a recent entry, about the Cockatoo Inn of Hawthorne--whose sign still stands, though the Inn itself closed down thirteen years ago.

The LA Public Library has this photo on file, taken Feb. 15, 1988. Who could not recognize one of the three people? Trading punches with Muhammad Ali is Supervisor Kenneth Hahn, who was hosting a campaign brunch at the Cockatoo Inn.

Nice chandeliers. The lady with the coif is not identified.

The address of the new South Bay history blog is:

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