Monday, March 2, 2009

City of Seekers Tour

What unites these sites?

  • Angelus Temple (right), built in 1923 for Aimee Semple McPherson. This is the home of Sister Aimee's Foursquare Gospel Church, it seats 5300 people, and it's a National Historic Landmark.

  • Self-Realization Mother Center on Mt. Washington above Highland Park, founded in 1925 but using a hotel building that went up in 1908.

  • Chapel of the Jesus Ethic in Glendale, part of the Niscience Foundation of Ann Ree Colton.

  • The Mayan Revival library and complex (right) of the Philosophical Research Society --a group founded in 1934 to be "free of ecclesiastical control" in the Los Feliz area.

  • The 1896 Bonnie Brae House (here's a history at LAist) where Pentecostalism in LA was born in 1906. William J. Seymour stayed with the Asberry's, who owned the house, when he was locked out of a church for speaking in tongues. This picture of the house is from that time.

Starting to sense a theme? Like, oh, sites rich in the search for spiritual awareness? Bingo!

On March 14, the LA Conservancy will lead a one-time tour titled "City of Seekers," stopping at all these historic spots. You can get more info or order tickets at their website, or call the Conservancy at (213) 623-2489.

Here's more stuff from the announcement: "There will be a series of related “City of the Seekers” events in March including the art exhibit Within Heaven’s Earshot: Religious Album Covers beginning March 13. The lecture A Visionary State: California’s Spiritual Legacy on March 15 and the multi-media show Mystic Los Angeles on March 17, both feature the work of Erik Davis."

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