Friday, May 30, 2008

Democratic Convention, 1960

A May 29, 1960 article in the Los Angeles Times talks about how many dollars will be pumped into LA's economy due to the upcoming Democratic Convention. The manager of the Biltmore Hotel estimated that at least 1200 jobs were dependent upon convention business. Wow.

But the piece starts with references to the "little woman" who will insist on coming to Los Angeles with her delegate husband. And you know how those little women loved to spend hubbie's money.

The president of the LA Convention Bureau, Allen K. Pollock, noted that "for the last 12 or 14 years more and more husbands have been taking their wives to conventions." One can almost imagine him winking when he adds, "you know, it's a woman's world."

Right. Here's a Library of Congress Picture of the July 1960 convention. The venue? The Biltmore Hotel.

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kitty felde said...

Actually, the Convention was held in the LA Sports Arena and Kennedy made his acceptance speech in the Coliseum.