Monday, October 8, 2007

Historic Homes in Los Angeles

We all know they're endangered, right? Arrogance tops the list of predators, but there's also earthquakes, mudslides, floods, fires, and plain old time, all threatening L.A.'s older gems.

According to the Times, Danny Bonaduce is selling a "classic, Spanish Andalusian manion, built in 1926 by architect Harry Hayden Whiteley." RE Blog Your Mama has pictures--just in case you missed the house on reality TV. (Actually, skip the Times piece--the blog has more info, pix, and salacious gossip.)

More celebrity home-buying-selling is at Big Time Listings blog (just in case we have nothing else to do but drool), but all this is really a lead-in to a new, 2-volume book on the area's old homes by Sam Watters.

The books are written up in the Times. Watters spent six years researching Houses of Los Angeles, 1885-1919

and Houses of Los Angeles, 1920-1935. Why did it take so long? "We don't just tear down our treasures. We toss out all written records about them as well," he says.

About half the homes he features in the books are gone.

Las Vegas, Nevada, is about the only place I can think of more cavalier about its history.

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